Family Forest Research Center

We study the families, individuals, trusts, estates, family partnerships, and other unincorporated groups of individuals who control 285 million acres (43%) of U.S. forests, to better meet the current and future needs of forest owners, communities, and society.

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NWOS Urban

As part of a broader Forest Service expansion into urban areas, the Family Forest Research Center and National Woodland Owners Survey teams are creating a survey instrument to census private residential..

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FS Urban FIA

In the United States, 58% of the 11 million family forest ownerships with at least 4 ha of forestland have at least one female owner and females are the primary decision makers for 22% of the ownerships. Despite the number of female family forest owners

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Hansel and Gretel Walk in the Forest

Landowners Walk in the Woods. A qualitative examination of the language used by family forest owners. Journal of Forestry.

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Perceptions of Landowner Assistance Programs

A qualitative exploration of program impacts on behavior.

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Who Owns America's Trees, Woods, and Forests?

Results from the U.S. Forest Service 2011-2013 National Woodland Owner Survey.

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